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Australian Beef - Good Food Distributors

Australian Beef

Through innovation, determination and generations of good, old-fashioned hard work the Australian cattle industry is now recognised as producing the best beef in the world. With long standing relationships with leading abattoirs and producers as well as a wealth of experience in the beef industry and food service industry, Good Food Distributors is able to select products suited perfectly to our clients specific needs.

From premium MSA graded beef and quality pasture and grain fed products such as Hunter Gold and Stockyard to organic and hormone-free beef – the range of home grown products available to Good Food Distributor’s clients is ever expanding. We take the time to work with you and your team to advise on suitability for each cut and methods to further enhance flavours and textures.

The Good Food Distributors beef range is vacuum sealed providing safe, refrigerated storage. This process allows for further ageing of the beef by allowing the natural enzymes in the beef to break down, leading to a distinctive tenderness and superb meat flavour.

Good Food Distributors also dry ages its own beef. Quality meat cuts are wrapped in muslin and hung in our purpose built aging room where the temperature is kept at a constant 1 degree Celsius for between 4 and 8 weeks. This process not only guarantees you a more tender cut of beef but also, enhances the flavour of these grass fed animals.

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