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Refund and Returns Policy - Good Food Distributors

Refund and Returns Policy

Please choose carefully, we do not normally accept returns and / or give refunds if you have simply changed your mind or made the wrong decision or stored the product incorrectly.  Being perishable the utmost importance must be placed on prompt appropriate refrigerated or frozen storage to ensure the products shelf life.  Cold chain adherence is paramount. 

If you do experience a problem with your order please contact our customer service team at (02) 4919 2999.  It is important that you notify us within a 24 hour period of receiving your order.  Any issues reported after this time may or may not result in a refund or return of product.  If an order or product has been approved to be returned the goods must be sent back in their original packaging.  Products must be stored in the appropriate refrigerated or frozen storage.  Cold chain adherence is paramount.

Shelf life may vary dependent on brand and age of product and should you have any questions please contact customer service.  You are encouraged to check you order at time of placement carefully and at delivery and ensure it is delivered in a refrigerated / frozen state relative to ordered product, and are then responsible to correctly store the product in refrigerated or frozen conditions as per the processors, products standard recommendations generally described on the side of the carton within an appropriate time frame.

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