Certified Australian Angus Beef – CAAB

Angus Beef is one of Australia’s most popular breeds of beef.

Our Certified Black Angus Beef is bred under strict farm and feedlot controls ensuring a consistent, quality product with good marbling, rich flavour and tender texture.

With a full flavoured, tender cut, Angus Beef is one of the most popular breeds of beef in Australia. Good Food Distributors supplies a full range of Certified Angus cuts from Black Angus Short Fed and an Angus x Hereford.

Farmed on the Darling Downs and New England regions, our Black Angus is bred under strict controls for both feed lots and farm. Our Black Angus beef is grain fed for a minimum of 150 days which ensures a consistent, quality product. This, combined with the breeds ability to produce superior marbling ensure you end up with a product rich in flavour with perfect tenderness, colour texture and taste.

The Darling Downs is an ideal location that provides central access to all types of cattle across eastern and central Australia in a temperate climate. It is one of the most productive grain and fodder growing areas in Australia, and provides the feedlot with a secure, exceptionally high quality water supply from the artesian basin.

Good Food Distributors supplies a full range of MSA Certified Black Angus Cuts providing one more guarantee of quality another guarantee from paddock to plate.


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